Best Running Trails of the San Francisco Bay Area. You may never go home. Descriptions, links, and a small photo gallery.

How to Run Your First 50-Miler. Dropped on your head as an infant? Here's the sport for you!

Training for Your First Marathon. A practical approach.

Recovery Part 1. Get Over It. Recovery is half the battle.

Recovery Part 2. Optimizing Recovery. Train better between runs.

How to Get Fast. What kind of speedwork is best? How to develop speed-endurance?


"Sluggish Newbies" Make the Marathon Better. In defense of slow runners.

Darwin, Dawkins, Distance Runner. Why can't religion be more like running? (long)

Jeff Galloway's Run-Walkers: No Class? 3-hour and 5-hour finishers have much in common.

Bill Walsh's Lessons for Runners. The coach of three Super Bowl champions changed sports forever.


Balanced Training. Learning to train means learning to listen.

The Difference Is the Heart. The best running follows the best attitude.

Old Man Runs Like Kenyan. To run your best, start slowly.

Speed Thrills. Can you build speed and endurance with “Tabata intervals”?

Kids. To train well, consider how you'd coach a kid.

Learning to Trust Your Training. It shouldn't have to take 20 years to learn the key truths of training.

How Prefontaine Trained. The paradox of running: train like the great ones, but do it your own way.

Hard/Hard Training. Some great runners train hard all the time. Can we do likewise?

Pedal to the Metal. Who we are is how we run.


Weight-Loss Intuition. Losing weight nature's way.

Cheap Runner Trash. What otherwise well-adjusted adults eat during ultramarathons.

Salad Wars. Easy ways to eat your veggies.

Salad Wars, Part II: Salad Soup. An even easier way to get your veggies.

Salad Wars, Part III: Inner Answers. Raw eggs and recipes for life.


World's Best Water Bottle For Runners.

Itty-Bitty Runner's Camera


Gym workout charts.

Fitness Intuition Book Cover


Fitness Intuition: The Wisdom of the Heart in Exercise and Sports Training. Description, sample chapters, ordering.


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Book News

A chapter from Fitness Intuition was published as the lead article of the Nov/Dec 2007 issue of Marathon & Beyond (title "The Persistence of Long, Slow Distance"), along with a second article based on “Sluggish Newbies.”

The chapter “Happy Heart Running” was published in The Runner's High (Breakway Books 2006)

The chapter “The Simple Joy of Sports” was excerpted at, the leading strength-training website for women (and a great resource for guys).

While it isn't book news, I can report with glee that Martin Pruss translated the “First 50” article into German and posted it on his excellent site. Vielen Dank, Martin!